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Best Rod and Reel for Redfish

Redfish are a special species of fish. They are known to be very strong and are edible. Bull red, red drum and channel bass are other names used in referring redfishes. Redfish is a distinctive kind of fish because each fish has unique spot pattern and coloration differs from one fish to another.

When catching redfish, right and best combination of rods and reels is paramount because mistake in doing this will cause spooking of the school of fish, thereby making them escape. Effectiveness, availability and easy usage are some of the things to consider when picking the right combination of rod and reel to use in catching redfish.

Choosing a Rod Based on Your Fishing Method

There are a variety of methods that can be employed to catch redfish. Many of them are pretty well known and commonly used. Most of them employ a rod and a reel for the purpose. After close observation as regards their effective uses, the best rod-reel combinations to use to catch redfish are given below:

A. Bait-casting rods and reels
For accurate and precise catch, bait-casting reels are very vital. Bait-casting reels prevent spooking of the school of fish because there will not be any form of missing of the targeted fish.

A bait-casting rod of about 6 to 7 foot in length with moderate to fast action will make catching of redfish that are either near or far easy. Thus, bait-casting rods and reels effectively make catching of redfish easy.

B. Spinning rod and reel
In terms of availability and easy usage, spinning rod and reel is the most common for catching redfish. Naturally, redfish hide in tight places, consequentially, the type of rod and reel to catch them must be capable of penetrating into those tight places. Therefore, spinning rods and reels are very effective in catching redfish in tight places no matter how hidden the redfish are.

Spinning rods and reels differ in size and shapes. So, when picking them, the following should be considered:
level of action: like in the case of bait-casting rods and reels, a 6 to 7 foot spinning rod with moderate to fast action is very suitable. It offers wide range advantages over others due to its ability to catch fish in different situations and places, and due to its level of actions, it can be easily adjusted to suit the situations and places the targeted redfish are.

Low gear ratio: after catching your targeted redfish, there is need for you to bring out with your rod and reel, but redfish are naturally known to be stronger and weightier than most fish, hence you need rod and reel with low gear ratio which will make the revolving of the spool to be relatively slow when the handled is bent and the redfish can be easily taken out.

C. Flyrods
Have you ever seen a fish that has been partially decapitated after it was caught? Your answer is probably yes. Well, that is the one of the disadvantages of picking the wrong rod and reel combination. Flyrods, in particular, prevent any form of unnecessary decapitation or removal of any parts of the fish, and give your fish an impeccable presentation.

They are of varying shapes and sizes. A flyrod of 8-10 kg weight is good for large redfish. Fast action rods are also advisable, as they encourage farther casting of the rod without spooking the fish, especially on windy days.

The bottom line:your rod and reel combination is to be diligently considered in catching redfish, as it is going to determine the success of your fishing activities.

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