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Cabela’s Stowaway 6 Fly Rod Review

Trying to find a backup fly fishing rod is often not so easy. Trying to find one that breaks down into sections small enough to fit into a trail pack or your luggage is harder still. A 5 weight Cabela’s Stowaway 6 Fly Rod seems to really fit the bill. When looking for a fly fishing rod, especially a back-up, one should always consider, price, ease of break down and rebuild, components and materials that go into the rod’s make-up, and available warranties.

How Does the Cabela’s 6 Fly Rod Measure up?

First off, this rod breaks down into relatively short 18” sections making it very portable and very easy to travel or hike with. Next, this rod is well-priced for what it is making it quite appealing as a backup that will not see regular use. Well-made with solid construction and designed with features that allow for easy reassembly, this rod gets high marks in those two categories.

While there is not a free lifetime warranty as with several other brands on the market today, you can but an extended warranty when you check out in the store or when you order this rod online. While a lack of a free longer term warranty is a slight drawback it is certainly not enough to make serious fly-fishing fans turn away from this particular rod.

Putting the Cabela’s Stowaway 6 Fly Rod to the Test

Cabelas-Stowaway-6-graphicAlthough originally reviewed as a backup rod, once this particular rod has been put to the test it will quickly become a real favorite. No matter which fly fishing maneuver you are attempting the Cabela’s Stowaway 6 Fly Rod is really up to the task. The stock description from Cabela’s lists this item as a moderate/fast action rod. With excellent performance in nearly every situation a fisherman faces this will easily become a go to piece of equipment. Casting is so smooth with this rod you won’t believe it was at such a low price! Whether you need a heavier throw or a bit of finesse and a delicate touch, you will find this rod a pleasure to use.

The ease of transporting this rod cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are hiking in to a remote fishing site, flying to do a little vacation fishing or just toting it from your vehicle to the local fishing hole you will be impressed. When you rig up you will find this rod a real pleasure as it is a quick and painless process thanks to Cabela’s having put some real thought into construction, such as well-placed guide dots that make alignment a breeze.

If you are hard on your equipment have no fear, this rod appears to really stand up to abuse. Of course, even the best rod on the market can only take so much. But, aside from really harsh use or flat out user error, this rod holds up remarkably well. Storing it appropriately and cleaning it after use will really help keep it in good shape for a very long time. Finding such a well-made rod at a good price point is really exciting for fly fishing enthusiasts. A rod this strong can handle all kinds of fishing hazards, even while reeling in a really big fish.

cabelas-stowawat06-kitUsers of this rod are equally pleased with its ability to cast as smoothly as one that costs a great deal more and breaks down into fewer pieces. The rod’s durability is another feature commonly touted by those who have owned a Cabela’s Stowaway 6 Fly Rod. And across the board, the lower price of this rod is considered nothing short of remarkable. Even though many purchasers consider having to buy an extended warranty at the register to be a bit of a hassle, the cost is still low enough and the quality is so surprisingly good that it seems most feel it is worth taking that extra step to get such a good piece of equipment.

Whether you are a fly fishing enthusiast shopping for your own new rod for travel, for backup, or for everyday use or you are shopping for a gift for that special fly fisher in your life, you cannot go wrong with the Cabela’s Stowaway 6 Fly Rod. You will be pleased with the price, happy with the quality, and thrilled with the performance of this rod.
In summary, the only real drawback to buying this rod is the lack of a sufficient warranty which is something that can be remedied by spending a few extra minutes at the register in order to purchase an extended warranty. While it is a shame the Cabela’s doesn’t simply add the warranty and build it in to the price of the rod, it is easy to overlook this very small shortcoming once you see this rod in action.


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