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Four Best Value Baitcasting Reels

Our Top Four Baitcasting Reels that are Worth Their Price

Do you love fishing but are worried about breaking the bank buying fishing equipment that just aren’t worth what you pay? In today’s economy, we’re forced to be a bit more frugal with our choices when it comes to shopping, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a high quality reel for a price that’s worth it.

I have included four reels that come at a range of prices, but are definitely some of the top fishing equipment out there. We all want to make sure to buy the best equipment possible, so here are some high-performance ranking baitcaster reels that I think you should consider:

Lew’s Speed Spool – $89.99-$249.99

lew's-reelLew’s Speed Spool contains an easy to grip wide paddle, as well as a very comfortable retrieving experience. As it was one of the first low profile baitcasting reels in the 1970’s, you could say that all other baitcasting reels are based on the Lew’s design. This Speed Spool is one of four models released in Lew’s new lineup in 2010, ranging from $89.99 to $249.99, although it is a great deal at any price.

The $89.99 model, while at an affordable price, weighs 8.1 ounces, contains a Zirconia line guide and can provide up to 10 pounds of drag. It is an amazing value for its price, and if you are searching for a cheaper, let high quality model, Lew’s Speed Spool is a great choice!

Abu Garcia® ORRA SX – $99.99

abu-garciaThis brand is one that has proved its value by continuing to crank out quality products even this long after its inception. This model stands out from Abu’s extremely popular REVO line of baitcast reels; priced at only $99.99, this model exhibits the qualities of a much higher priced reel. It provides up to a massive 15 lbs of drag pressure, weighs 8.7 ounces, and uses a 7 ball bearing system.

To add even more value, it also has a Corrosion-resistant Instant Anti-Reverse™ bearing, Duragear™ hard brass gears, a Pitch Centrifugal Brake System, and a Power Disk™ Drag System. At only a hundred dollars, this reel is one of the best catches on the market.

Bass Pro Shops® Pro Qualifier – $99.99

bait-casterBass Pro Shops is known to produce consistently high quality reels, and this one definitely fits the pattern. It comes in eight different styles -4 gear ratios for both right-handed and left-handed users-, so no matter what your needs, this reel can fit them.

If you’re looking for a deep cranking reel to wench the fish in the boat, the 4.7:1 gear is for you. The 5.2:1 ratio is perfect for cranking and spinner bait, and the 6.4:1 is great for anything you want to throw. Also, the 7.1:1 is perfect for buzz baits, traps, and ripping hogs out of cover. The reel weighs 8.8 ounces, and comes with a 7 ball bearing system, a built-in lube port, and a one-piece machined-aluminum frame.

Shimano® Citica 200E -$119.99

51Ho5q3V+pL._SX522_Although this reel is priced slightly higher than the others, it is made like and performs like a high-end reel –except at an affordable price. The Shimano Citica is backed with High Efficiency Gearing, and therefore can contest any top-notch competitor for best muscle provided. As long as you maintenance it yearly, you can be assured of its remarkable longevity, enough to last many years of fishing.

Buying a Citica means knowing that you are purchasing the best quality equipment on the market for only a little more than other reels, and after using this model, you won’t want to switch to anything else. The Citica model weighs 7.8 ounces, and comes with a 4 ball bearings system, high efficiency gearing, a lo-mass drilled spool system, and a ceramic line guide. This is clearly an extremely high quality reel, and one that is worth every penny.


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