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How to Catch Blackfin Tuna

If you’ve found this article, then chances are pretty good that you want to catch tuna. Well get in line. Tuna is probably the most well known fish on the planet. It is a pelagic fish, which is found in a continuous move searching for its prey.

blackfin-tunaBlackfin Tuna are primarily found from the middle of the ocean to beaches shores, from the surface of the water to a 3000 meters depth, often in groups formed by sizes. It feeds on fish and sometimes even crabs. Tuna is very tasty, many people preferring it as food. Due to this reason, fishermen go into real sea adventures in order to catch them. For this reason Tuna has become much harder to find. Some even say that Tuna is endangered. In any case, best chances you can get in catching Tuna are in the Atlantic Ocean. Being a fish living in salt water, there can be found frequently.

There are many species of tuna. Some of them have a gigantic size, and this makes them ideal target for sea fishing sports. But there are other species of tuna, much smaller in size, like the BlackFin Tuna. Regardless of the size, tuna is a fish extremely powerful and smart enough to avoid the fishing boats. We can`t say Tuna is quite the MobyDick itself, but certainly its capture will be one that will require the maximum of your fishing skills and some certain gripping techniques. On the other hand, there are enough recreational fishermen out there, who love tuna fishing because of the challenge it entails.

There are many fishing techniques in order to catch BlackFin Tuna. Among them, the most popular one is the trolling. This technique entails the launch of one or more bait wires from a smooth moving vessel. Or, the launch of such wires from a stationary vessel, accompanied by a slight pull of the BlackFin tuna out of the water.

The Perfect Bait for Catching Blackfin Tuna

As bait, you can use BlackFin Tuna`s natural food or you can use an artificial bait. Regarding natural food, you can utilize mackerel, ballyhoo, squid, mullet, bonefish and flying fish. In some cases, fishermen use strip bates. The fishing hooks have to be big ones, such as number 9 or 10. As in terms of artificial bait, even a resembling squid spoon works.

An interesting fact is that BlackFin Tuna fishing equipment is the same, either you want to catch some BlackFin Tuna or some another bigger species of Tuna. But although the equipment stays the same, the techniques must always be according to the weights concerned. It is highly recommend it to fish BlackFin tuna with wires between 10 and 20 kilograms. Similarly, the rod must be able to sustain weights of 180 kg and 50 kg reel. You will also need gloves and sometimes equipment to lift the fish into the boat is required. For a biggest capture a tom anchor to support the boat or the ship might be required.

Finding BlackTuna banks can be a very difficult thing and it can become frustrating, especially if you don`t know how to do it. Once found a BlackFin Tuna bank, the following step is to take some rounds around the bank, although BlackFin Tuna is smart or scared enough to quickly run from the fishing boat.


Know Where the Tuna Are…

Another aspect you will have to consider is the fact that in winter time, BlackFin Tuna have the tendency to swim lower into the depth of the ocean, so depending of the specific are you`re in, you will have to pay attention to the specific season, when fishing. Also, keep in mind the fact that catching BlackFin tuna works better iin low light, for example, in the late afternoon.

As we said before, BlackFin Tuna is a very shy fish and smart enough to avoid the clear water behind the fishing boat. Being also pretty fast, best way to proceed is to troll the baits far behind the boat in order to give them time to calm down. Being calm and keeping quit are also a must.

If your bait is failing in being a success, you can always try the trolling feathers, with a divided percentage one to four or one to two ounce black and red, blue and white and red and white.

You should also be aware of the fact that countries, such as the U.S,A. and Mexico have forbidden fishing for BlackFin tuna, as the population of such fish registered a 95% decreasing rate due the radiations, reaching a worried historical percentage.

Some fishermen refer to the BlackFin Tuna using the BFT abbreviation. An interesting fact is that BlackFish Tuna is considered to be a Japanese delicacy, which makes it such a desirable fish. It is indeed very tasty and many people prefer to have it in their plates.

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