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Penn Senator Review – Still Amongst the Best Saltwater Reels Around

In Hollywood product endorsements are everywhere and the fishing world is no stranger to these endorsements. However there are not many reels that have the same claim to fame that the US PENN Senator has had. After being featured in the full length film Jaws the US PENN Senator’s popularity exploded and the reel hasn’t looked back since. In fact all the US PENN Senator has done has become even more of a powerhouse in the fishing reel world. Below is a detailed description of just what you can find in this new and improved classic reel. There are three versions that are sure to meet a wide variety of needs and have everything that you’re looking for.

penn-us113w-us-senatorNew and Improved
I’m one of those guys who’s blood runs thick with saltwater, and I know these reels inside and out. Many saltwater fishermen have complained over the recent years that the class Penn Senator reel has gone downhill, and I am the first to admit that there have been times where I have agreed, but after trying dozens of different deep-drop reels, I can say for certain that the Penn Senator remains the best value in the industry.

You won’t be disappointed with the new and improved US PENN Senator. The Senator was manufactured in the USA and has the ability to catch almost any saltwater catch you’re after. The US PENN Senator is available in the following models:

  • US 113
  • US 113N
  • US 133W

Each model has unique features that are sure to suite your unique saltwater fishing needs. The US113N for example is a direct replacement for the beloved Baja Special. The US113N also comes equipped with380 yards of 30-pound mono filament/785 yards of 50-pound braid for you to use as you see fit. While the US133 is a bound to be preferred most by the commercial fleet fisherman and is the standard size of 4/0. The spool capacity of the US113 is 525 yards of 30-pound monofilament/1085 yards of 50-pound braid. Then you have the US133W whose spool is 580 yards of 40-pound mono filament/1425 yards of 50-pound braid.

The US113W were specially designed for the Ulua Anglers in Hawaii or other fisherman that need that extra bit of line. Some other surprises that this reel has in store for you are the reel that has a live spindle with a free-floating spool and the Versa-Handle™. The Versa-Handle™ is a fairly new innovation. The handle allows you to adjust the length to match your fishing needs. There is also an oversized knob that allows you to have the ultimate cranking power so you don’t lose a great catch. The reel also gives you reversible harness lugs that will fold into the reel frame when not in use. They will only be there when you need them and you can hide them when you don’t.

The Penn Senator is Keeping it Classic

While there may be new designs of the US PENN Senator the level of quality remains one of the highest on the market. Every model has Backlight side plates built into them. Not only are the side plates still study, also have the fantastic one-piece aluminum frame. Some of the other features that appear on all models are as follows:

  • Heat treated pinion gears and oversized stainless steel main gears— both for durability
  • For a smooth operation—six shielded stainless steel bearings. That’s right, six.
  • And of course to create smooth cool drag a lubed HT-100™ Versa-Drag™ system. The system is also equipped with carbon fiber washers, which just adds a little more to that smooth cool drag.
  • A braid ready forged and anodized aluminum spool equipped with line capacity rings

All of these wonderful features work together to create a quality reel that will deliver you the tools to decide when and how to begin and give into a chase. Each reel has a ratio for every model of the US PENN Senator reel is 4.3-to-1 with 34 inches of line collected with each turn of the handle. The Senator has a max drag of 27 pounds! That’s a lot of weight for one reel to handle.

See For Yourself

Now that you’ve learned about all the amazing featured of the new and improved US PENN Senators. It’s time to try these new reels for yourself and see what you can catch in your favorite saltwater fishing hole.

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