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Reel Bass Fishing System with 6 Rods

I get a lot of questions reminding how many rods and reels I have. The short answer is I have a lot. I need to attempt the most up to date bass angling toys. Indeed, even before I am able to attempt these toys and review them for you, I always feel nervous whenever there is a new bass fishing sticks at the tackle shop.

The next question I am usually asked after admitting I have a lot of reels is “how many combinations of rods and reels should I purchase?

baitcasting rods for bassMy answer is six. That is an exact science to me. Even though nothing in science is exact, but as regards bass fishing, I believe six will help you to be competitive enough, irrespective of if it is acceptable or not in other bass fishing clubs. It is also possible for me to have six rods packed in Rod Gloves stuck into one of my rod tubes in my rod locker and 20 others stuck into other tubes.

Yet, as a rule, I begin to heap rods on my deck when I’m not certain what the fish are up to. I also started to acknowledge the fact that I would only recover 4, 5 or 6 bars, 90 percent of the time. This includes fishing in Clearwater high country Ozark impoundments like Table Rock Lake or Beaver Lake; Tennessee River fisheries like Pickwick Lakes, Kentucky and Guntersville; sloppy grass loaded fisheries like clear grass loaded fisheries up north like Champlain in New York or Lake Dardanelle on the Arkansas River.

It appears like I never truly go more than 6 rods when I’m attempting to make sense of the bass. Furthermore, practically everything after that is some copy or subsidiary of those six rods.

My Six Bass Fishing Rods

See how close your set of bass fishing sticks comes to this when you take out your best six rods.

  1. 7-foot, 6-inch heavy-power bait caster combo (extra-fast action)
    Primary reason: Swim baits, frog rod, punching, pitching and Flipping
  2. 7-foot medium-heavy power bait caster combo (mod-fast to fast action)
    Primary reason: jigs and texas-rigs
  3. 7-foot medium-heavy power bait caster combo (moderate action)
    Primary reason: swimming jigs, vibrating and spinner baits
  4. 6-foot, 9-inch medium power spinning combo (moderate to mod-fast action)
    Primary reason: top waters, jerk baits, lightweight plastics or light, drop shots and shaky heads
  5. 6-foot, 9-inch medium-power bait caster combo (extra-fast action)
    Primary reason: jerk baits and top waters
  6. 7-foot medium-power bait caster combo (moderate action)
    Primary reason: crank baits

You can do many bass angling with different examples, in numerous seasons, the sorts of fisheries, circumstances and climatic conditions with these six combos. It essentially issues you can in number blend of contact lures (shaky herd, jig, worm) and reaction baits (crankbait, jerkbait, spinnerbaits and topwater).

Following 25 years of purchasing tackle, I’ve amassed many copies which are pleasant on the grounds that when I do make sense of the bass are on a crankbait nibble, I can rig up four crankbait rods and issue them a few unique looks.

Anyway, when you first set out to discover bass, you truly just need maybe a couple of certain reaction bait and continue changing them until you make sense of the needs of the bass. At that point as you begin to figure them out, a certain kind of reaction bait or a certain sort of contact bait you can bring your copy rods into play.

Yet, when I was beginning, six rods served me well for a long time. What’s more, even now I’ve had a few trips where four to six rods were on the deck when I was truly on the nibble great. In the event that you have a pack of rods, checking through your Rod and Reel Matrix can be a decent practice to locate your six profitable combos.

My most loved days are really those days when you only have one rod on the deck and everything else is in the rod locker. The Bass keeps changing every day and there is the need to continually test the mood of the bass with the format of presentations. Furthermore the fun toys are not supposed to stay too long in their Plano boxes.

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  • What would be the best line for these combos in your opinion. Type and poundage for each combo would be appreciated.

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