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Shimano Stradic FJ Review

Shimano Stradic FJ Review – A Classic Redesigned

stradicAre you a fan of Shimano Reel products and itching for something new? Well we have just the thing for you. The Stradic FJ series is as good as we have tested in a while, and this reel will focus specifically on the 2500.

Did you really enjoy using the Stradic CI4, but wished you could fix the hiccups. Stradic has done just that! In listening to your requests they have created a system that actually reduces line twists in your reel.The Stradic FJ 2500 can handle both a 6lb and 8lb line with a surprising amount of easy as noted by users. There is also a drastic reduction in the amount of friction between the line and the reel thanks to the amazing propulsion spool.

With the Shimano Stradic FJ, Shimano is Closing in on Perfection

The reel castes line out beautiful with little to no wrapping or knotting. Even in the face of double-digit headwinds the reel could still cast out. Perhaps you’ve been disappointed before by a reel’s ability to retrieve at different speeds. We can tell you that you can put those disappointments in the past because the Stradic FJ 2500 has a smooth retrieval going slow and fast. Did you know that the reel can actually sense when a fish is on the line for you to reel in? That’s pretty amazing for every type of fishermen. The additional help when fishing allows you to keep your mind free to concentrate on whatever you want or nothing at all.

Reel Design and Durability

In terms of durability it is hard to surpass the all-metal construction of the Stradic FJ and the inserted rubberized rings. Not only will it serve to protect your investment for years to come but it will also ensure a smooth reel in every time by keeping out grime and the elements from interfering with a clean reel in. At first glance you’ll see a reel that is sturdy and compact. Once you hold the reel you will realize that this compact reel has an incredibly design. The following are some specs about the reel in comparison to the original.

I personally fish the Stradic 8000 every day in the Gulf of Mexico, and can’t tell you how many times I have caught a fish that most guys would tell you couldn’t be caught on a spinning reel. Want proof? Check out this awesome video of a couple of guys bringing an 11′ blue shark in with the Shimano Stradic 8000:

  • The Stradic FJ 2500 size weighed an amazing 9.2oz.
  • Making it lighter than the original 2000 sized FG
  • The FJ 2500 also has a traditional paddle handle
  • The T-shaped handles are stationary on the mid sized Stradic reels.
  • The FJ 2500 is not the lightest reel, but is very balanced against lighter reels.
  • The larger the sizes also come equipped with ‘Power Egg’.

Some of you new to reel-lingo may be wondering just what exactly a ‘power egg’ is… We’re here to tell you it’s the shape of the large handles and will provide you with additional leverage. The FJ has a rubberized grip that does a decent job of keeping a good grip. Although some customers commented that a wooden handle on the StradicFJ 2500 would have suited their needs even better.

Give a Little, Get a Lot
Fist off, you should know that the Stradic FJ 2500 reel is about $20 more than other reels from generations before on the Stradic Reel line. Most people look for the cheapest option in an upfront price when considering their next purchase, and understandably so. The economy is only now starting to recover and finances are still forefront of most people’s mind.

With that in mind it may be hard to justify the increased cost of the Stradic FJ over previous incarnations in this line, but the increased durability and the perfected strong metallic construction ensuring that you are not just making a purchase, you’re making an investment. This isn’t just the reel for you to use today, it’s the reel for your children to use tomorrow. As you establish the next generation of great fishers, make sure they use the best quality products, and that starts with the Stradic FJ 2500 reel.

The Stradic FJ 2500 is a great investment for the future of your fishing endeavors. So buy one today and see how what a difference one reel can make.


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